Colofac (Mebeverine) Reviews

Colofac mebeverineI used to have awful cramps in my stomach and a gastroenterologist had prescribed me Colofac. The effect was fantastic, because I forgot what the pain in stomach is. It is a very-very efficacious treatment.

Susan, 27

Colofac is really a good preparation when you have colic. I had painful spasms which had not let me do anything at all as I felt their constant presence. With this preparation I had finally got rid of them. I’m really thankful to Colofac.

James, 32

Colofac is a great drug that helps me with biliary colic. Sometimes a bubble is so reduced that I can climb the wall because of pain, but the tablet of Colofac provides sustained effect at my cholelithiasis. I have not noticed any adverse effects from taking so far and it is very good, with no effect on intestinal motility that is oftentimes blocked after using drugs of the same kind. In this case Colofac is pleasant exception.

Tina, 34

I took this preparation due to the discomfort in the bowel. I was diagnosed irritable bowel syndrome and the preparation had to relieve spasms and cramping associated with my malaise. I must say that Colofac is actually effectual. It had swept away all the pain and I’m fit again.

Sarah, 25

It’s easy to speak about it, but I want help other ones who have or may have such trouble. Recently I have had functional diarrhea. As you see, the matter is not pleasant at all. I used this and that medicine, but not a single one could help to overcome the ailment. Some only delayed the symptoms, but in a couple of days all started anew. Finally, I found Colofac. This is the only medicine that had helped me. So, if you have such a trouble use Colofac.

Timothy, 38

Because of unhealthy diet which included fatty food I have “earned” intestinal colic. It is pretty unpleasant ailment. Many medications weren’t able to defeat it, the others could make it go for a short term. Only after I had tried Mebeverine, all pains had gone. It is worth trying!

Diana, 29

If you have any functional disorders in your stomach you should use Colofac. I’m telling you, this is something! My son and I had some of the possible ailments and this preparation had solved all the troubles, every time some had occurred. Though we hadn’t all of the ailments, but have no doubts that Colofac will manage any of them.

Ellison, 43

Spasmodic cramps are awful! You can’t do just anything, for the pain always follows you. I had tried many medications, but only Mebeverine really helped me and I advise it everyone.

Josh, 36